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Indoor Air Quality Services

In recent years, the importance of indoor air quality (IAQ) in the workplace has become apparent to owners, operators, and managers. Healthcare facilities, in particular, must meet rigorous standards for air purity and humidity. Certain facilities must also maintain positive/negative air pressure balances between rooms or areas, keeping air flowing in the right direction. Whether air quality regulations are part of your industry’s compliance standards or you want to provide your customers and employees with cleaner, fresher air, Hays Service has IAQ solutions to fit your needs.

Air Cleaning and Purification

Depending on your facility, dust, fumes, or other contaminants in the air could be more than a nuisance. For many workplaces, compliance with federal, state, and local laws requires filtration, air cleaning, or other measures to reduce or eliminate contaminants in the air. Hays offers a wide range of air-cleaning solutions, including:

  • Filtration, including HEPA filtration options for removing both particulate and gaseous contaminants
  • UV air cleaning systems that deactivate or kill viruses, bacteria, and other airborne microbes
  • Ionization options that increase filtration effectiveness and trap microscopic particles through charged ion emission

Humidity Control

The air’s moisture level is a major component of air quality control. Excess humidity can lead to corrosion of tools and equipment, mold and mildew formation in your facility, and health problems for your employees. Low humidity can cause static issues, exacerbate particulate contamination, and even pose a fire risk.

To keep the air in your facility at the proper humidity level, Hays offers humidifier and dehumidifier solutions that integrate with your new or existing HVAC system.

Pressure Differential Solutions

If your facility features clean rooms, isolation units, or other units where contamination must be controlled carefully, a pressure differential may be required to keep air flowing in the right direction.

For clean-room environments, your HVAC system may need to provide positive pressure in the clean room, forcing contaminated air away from the clean room and into other, less sensitive areas of the facility.

A negative pressure system may be required in medical facilities featuring isolation areas, preventing contaminated air from escaping the isolated area into the rest of the facility.

Hays Service’s experts can set up and maintain a pressure differential solution for your facility, keeping contamination from impacting your operations, employees, or patients’ health.

When indoor air quality is a concern, call (478) 475-4118 and speak to your HVAC partners at Hays Service.

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