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Industrial HVAC Services

Mill, plant, factory, and other industrial facility owners throughout Georgia have put their trust in Hays Service since 1945, and we’re proud to say that we have become one of the region’s largest providers of industrial HVAC services.

We repair and maintain all major brands of industrial HVAC equipment and can work with you to design, build, and install a custom HVAC solution for your mill, plant, factory, or other facility.

Our technicians are 100% NATE-certified and current on all OSHA and MSHA training, ensuring that our work is completed safely and in accordance with industry standards. We understand the unique challenges of controlling air temperature, humidity, and quality in large facilities, and we know the importance of reliable HVAC systems for manufacturers in all market sectors.

HVAC Repairs for Your Industrial Equipment

For industrial customers, HVAC failures often mean a complete halt to the production line until systems are back up and running. Having the right HVAC technicians can mean the difference between a profitable quarter and a damaging loss.

Our 24/7 emergency services are designed to get you up and running before a small failure can become a significant problem for your business and its future. When you call Hays Service, you can expect to see professional technicians trained in all aspects of HVAC systems, from traditional split-pack cooling system recharges to large-scale rooftop pack and boiler repairs. Based in Macon, we specialize in chiller repairs across Georgia.

We work on all HVAC equipment from all manufacturers, so you’ll never hear, “We can’t fix that.”

Avoid a Breakdown at Your Plant with Industrial HVAC Service from Hays. Call Us Today at

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Industrial HVAC Maintenance for Your Ultimate Protection

Just like all of the machines in your plant, your HVAC system requires regular maintenance to perform at its best. Well-maintained HVAC systems:

  • Operate more efficiently, lowering operating costs
  • Suffer fewer failures, lowering repair costs
  • Last longer, lowering replacement costs

With an industrial HVAC service contract from Hays, we can manage every aspect of your HVAC’s preventative maintenance with a plan customized to your facility’s needs. We offer full- and customized-coverage plans ranging from regular service visits to full-time onsite HVAC management.

Customers with a Hays maintenance plan enjoy priority service for emergency repairs. Full-coverage plans include all emergency repairs, parts, and labor, turning a volatile expense into a fixed, budgeted monthly cost.

Read more about Hays maintenance plans here.

Design, Build, and Install a New Industrial HVAC System

Hays Service can design and install a custom HVAC solution for your facility. We offer a full line of industrial HVAC solutions, including:

  • Split and mini-split HVAC units
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Cooling towers
  • Rooftop and package units
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems
  • Indoor Air Quality systems
  • Control systems

Our experts will design, build, and install a system tailored to your requirements and back it with a best-in-class maintenance plan to ensure it stays in service.

Control Solutions

Energy is one of your most expensive budget items each month, and with traditional HVAC controls, a big part of that expense is wasted on heating or cooling your facility during off-hours.

With Direct Digital Control (DDC) solutions from Hays Service, you can take control of your HVAC system around the clock from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Monitor plant temperatures, control air-quality components, and get diagnostic and alert reports in real-time from wherever you are.

Decrease system runtimes, increase component longevity, and reduce control and operation overhead with DDC systems, all while saving more on your monthly energy expenses. Combine DDC systems into a complete Building Management System (BMS) and control your whole plant’s occupancy technologies from one control point.

Want to ensure safety, comfort, and compliance at your industrial facility? Contact the HVAC experts at Hays Service:


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