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A Culture of Safety

Our employees and clients are key to the success of our partnerships with companies throughout Georgia, and their safety is our primary concern. Hays Service is committed to being a zero-accident workplace – period.

Through regular safety training with in-house and OSHA-designed courses, as well as training from insurance loss-control experts, Hays has been proud to go many years without a reportable incident.  For more than ten years, Hays has achieved an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) below 1.0, demonstrating safety above the national average.

Safety From the Top Down

Safety begins with leadership, and Hays’ leadership team takes safety seriously, with weekly safety meetings organized by senior management and attended by every employee.

Thinking Safe, 24/365

When our team enters your facility, we do so with accident prevention and general safety front of mind.

Partners in Safety

Hays Service is a member of all premier safety-clearing organizations used by the safest companies in the world and is proud to be among a distinguished group of contractors.